Monthly Archives: August 2006

Flamin J’s Firehouse


Flamin J’s Firehouse = FLAMIN JASON’S FIREHOUSE?

so i’m still at work, sittin in my comfortable cubicle, (secretly) typing this down – hey, i’m supposed to be working ok; updating my blog and keeping a straight, serious, look-like-busy (LLB ahah) face, looking over my shoulder and clicking in and out of this window.

[and then comes adeline wong… tsk tsk tsk. kacauing and poking me, eating my buscuits… i tell you she’s really got nothing else to do! ish*]

aaaanyway… was surfing the net and checking out ‘flamin j’s’ in google and woooowww, to my surprise, got a lot of results leh. not bad ko! got your name there as well… ahaha..

for you guys who’s still blur, check out this mouth-watering website

personal favs from Flamin J’s – creamy Phyllis Cheese Steak! and the Ribeye Steak. i’m guaranteeing you that the steak goes way and beyond, better than some famed steak houses. [yeah, ade thinks so too] i can also guarantee you that there’s no other place Malaysia that serves this type of food except maybe NEW YORK?? ah ha! plus, the servings are B-I-G; good for those who have bottomless pit stomachs like me. *wink*

ahhh, it’s making me hungry again. i think if i were to stay next door to sri hartamas shopping centre, i’d be dining there everyday!! actually, most of the time i wanna go coz it’s very worth it to eat there, but bcoz i’m staying here in kajang, i’m also quite lazy to drive so far la….heh heh.

well, if anytime you guys get sooooo hungry you think you can eat a whole horse, gimme a buzz and i’ll take ya there BUT please don’t take for granted that it’s gonna be free coz it’s me bro’s place ok. meantime, i’m still trying to find a date to bring sis julia and family there.

ok, better get back to work before me gets sacked! :P~