4th week at Bratislava


i guess since i’m a siu lai-lai now (yeah right!), i have more time to start a blog… thanks to dave & peich for the suggestion.

well, since arriving here and getting our cargo on the 2nd week, things have pretty much settled in. most of my free time here is spent looking at pics in facebook, and the stuff that ppl do everyday back home in msia – and we’re missing all the good food back home. so please guys, esp. Lu Chin John aka Lu Chin Suey for putting up all the pics of food you’re having, and not only that, focused and closed up shots!! dun like you la…

i went shopping for groceries just now, and for those i’ve emailed/talked to; all the stuff here are either in slovak/czech/german, so buying things are really difficult. most of the time just guessing from the picture. just to show you what i mean, i’ve taken a few pics with my phone (sony ericson K5501), BUT i realized that since we got here i can’t seem to find the CD to install the driver into our PC. so, i can’t download them into the PC… does anyone know if there’s a way i can get them from the web? please help.

as per current, ayl is at work, baby just woke up. i’ve to start cooking in a few mins. we’re still waiting to get a car so that we can drive around, which will be a challenge as it’s a left hand drive here. the delay’s due to ayl’s international license – waiting for HR msia office to send it. the car will be a toyota, and a manual… hahaha! so he has to focus on driving on the left with the gear on the right, focus on the road coz it’s a different side now, and focus on which road to take! super! to add to that, we don’t know the roads here at all and here’s the best part, everythings’ in slovak! super super!! pls kesian him and pray for him ya. ppl here drive really really fast, no joke.

oh, and for arielle’s fans out there, there will be more pics coming your way – and yeah, stories about her and maybe a bit about how she’s driving me crazy bit by bit everyday with her pranks and stuff. hai~ i guess most of ya’ll just waiting for this right? yes, she’s definitely more popular than the 2 of us.

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  1. Yay, first! In terms of reading and commenting!

    Er… proud of mah wife for starting this… maybe she’ll be the next Kenny Sia, blogging abt Slovakia! Hey, that rhymes…

  2. harlow! glad you followed my suggestion πŸ˜›

    regarding getting photos from your phone, you could try using a memory stick to usb adaptor, card reader or even bluetooth it to the PC.

    good luck figuring that out πŸ˜›

  3. well, we did have the bluetooth driver, but then again, after the move, we just can’t seem to find anything! sighs* guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  4. wow not bad huh for a first post already got so many comment.

    we can together be bloggers!

  5. dun need to bluetooth la the pics..sony phones can remove the mini ms card rite..it should be able to fit in your laptop’s card reader?

  6. Hmmm….nice stories. Reminds me of what i felt like when i arrived in M’sia. Slovakia seems to have some similarities with Nigeria (the driving system, cars etal). I sure would have felt differently if i were there. πŸ™‚ :D. U sure are having a nice time out there. Even if u r having a hard time adjusting, never mind, it won’t take long. Glad to know that at least u have some idea of German, u’ll be able to cope in no time lah!!!

    All the best touring ur new location. My regards to Aylwin and Arielle… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  7. leona: yeah, can liao… hehehe… thing was, i saved it in my phone mem instead of the card. alamak…

    thanks wini! good to know that you’ve also caught our manglish – ‘lah’ use more of it ok. πŸ™‚

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