First trip to Vienna


we made our first trip to Vienna on Saturday, by train. it’s only an hour’s (or for some 45mins) drive away from here. Vienna is also known to be cheaper for shopping than in Bratislava, so we went there with the thought of getting a gps for the car.
unfortunately, the only place we know is the city centre which is also the hottest spot for tourist, so rationally the prices there will be much higher. we walked one part of the town, but only found ONE shop selling electronics. we didn’t get it tho, thought we better ask our korean friends where would be the best place to buy it.

Vienna is beautiful! the most magnificent building in the city center is St. Stephen’s Cathedral; the architecture of the building is out of this world! the building is so big, one pic couldn’t fit. but it was bloomin hot, and there were so many ppl. i think it was 32deg and we were walking under the hot sun; which the angmohs luurrve so much to be under. oh man…

there are a lot of things to see there other than the buildings. one of the main attractions also were street performers, well i’m not sure what else to call them. ahhaa… if you’re like me, first time there and sakai, you would definitely like to take pics with them. they’re ‘still’ performers, so most of them either stand/sit on a box until you throw them some money in their hat and they move and you can take pictures with them. otherwise they just stand still; a bit kesian right but also a bit amazing how they can stand so still and not move. what happens if they got itchy somewhere? :P~

as we walk along the paved streets we also see some really nice statues/fountains. there was one with angels which was coated with gold paint… really nice. suddenly both of us were in awe that we’re actually here in Europe and sight-seeing in Vienna! we’re so thankful to God that He has made all these possible, His favour and His love is indeed beyond our imagination. never in our minds have we thought we would be able to do this as a family.

stepping into Austria, signs, posts, everything is in German; which is really good because it is a bit more familiar compared to Slovak. both of us did a beginner’s course in German back in uni so at least a little bit of understanding here.
we went into a boutique called H&M and omgosh the stuff there is cheap! i think you girls will go ga-ga there coz the clothes/accessories are nice and cheap. e.g. a pair of khaki shorts is only 9.90 (earning and paying in euro of course), jeans 39.90. bleh! oh no!! *must control*

just for info’s sake, here’s my opinion of the fastest way to Vienna city centre from where we are at Kramare, Bratislava.

bus no#32 to HLAVNA STACNIKA -> train ride for 1 hour directly to WIEN (Vienna); it’s like our Msian commuter train but faster so it stops at all the stations in between -> get off at SUEDBAHNHOF, which is already Vienna -> go down one floor to buy the ticket for the underground train -> take U3 SIMMERING station -> get down at STEPHENSPLATZ and you’re at the city centre!! yay!!

since it’s so near, we’ll prolly make vienna our shopping place, coz that’s what the ppl we know here do!!

more pics here ->

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  1. Hi. Eh.. the instruction below is for us ka or for some angmoh that you have appointment with?

  2. no lah… just info sharing la. coz we found this out on our own mah. was walking on the wrong way when we reached vienna, then we approached a person and ask along the street, and she gave us this direction which we think is the best way to the city centre.

  3. hi, I visited Vienna in November 2007 and also had the great fortune of discovering Nagoya restaurant as well. My girlfriend and I ate there several times, not only was the food delicious, but the owner was extremely friendly. Our last night there we had a private farewell meal with her, very fond memory of my trip. Definately a hidden gem of Vienna!

  4. wow! it’s so great to know that someone in this world shares the same feelings we have abt Nagoya as well. 🙂 thanks for dropping by.

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