Arielle learning to walk


it started last week when she suddenly stood up and took her first step and then bump fell unto her butt. we’ve also been encouraging her to walk on her own by holding her hands and walking with her.

will put up more videos of her doing that but in the meantime, here’s one of her walking on her own.

and some of the funny things she does at home when the papa’s not around. 🙂

besides that, i made a few dishes on my own for dinner which i think is worthy of showing off… ahaha!!

was looking through leona’s blog and didn’t know what else to cook so i adapted leona’s recipe for tomato koay teow (thanks leona!!) and used whatever i had in the fridge. the other 2 is chicken cashew nut and sweet & sour pork with pork rib sauce.

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  1. ade: the rasa is subjected to the individual’s tongue and standard. here, there’s only 1 individual to judge, as long as he says it’s good – it’s good! 😛

    that’s not the bed lah, it’s the sofa. but coz we haven’t got our vacuum cleaner yet so have to tahpau the sofa. it’s dirty and dusty and scared arielle dirty it as well when she was coughing and vomiting.

  2. Awww….Arielle’s activities are so cute. She’s so active. You sure are doing a great job…guess Arielle must be saying to herself “I love my mama” 😀

    The food, they look nice also. Good to see that you can actually fix something up for yourself out there. By the way, hope you’re getting used to their local dishes. Tak Boleh aaah?? 🙂

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