Ordering Pizza


the other day we got back quite late from kai-kai around town and then decided to order a delivery instead of cooking; thought it’d be faster. ayl called up a few pizza places that we got from a book called Easy Bratislava and we managed to get someone on the line after a lot of tries. it was a public holiday and there was some sort of festival going on that was why maybe they’re really busy.

anyway, after ordering, aylwin asked for how much it was and then how long it would take to arrive at our place. the answer…2 HOURS!! crap! and to think that it’d be faster to order a delivery!! we didn’t cancel the order tho, after so much difficulty trying to get them on the phone and all, plus we were curious!

so we had some tuna sandwiches while waiting for the pizza. when it came, it was worth the wait. 🙂 here’s why.

ayl put the fan and the laptop to compare the size of the pizza… ahhaha…
it was really really good and it smelt great! a lot of cheese and the crust was thin but it wasn’t like thin until lembik that kind. i had 1 and half, and it was enough. ayl crazy had 3 and then he suffered … hahaha…

we ate it for 2 days since we only got out pizza near 10pm that night and after the sandwiches we were already full. will surely order it again, but of course, 2hours ahead in time and prolly with more ppl to share it with!


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  1. wah.. that’s what they feed you ppl there ah? ayl, u better watch out. if not,the measuring tape you use will be use to measure your wasteline later…

    ehh.. the people there are ‘baboi’ kah?

  2. haha funny to see the pizza being posed with all kinds of things…so patient to take all the pics before makaning it ah

  3. kc: no lah, i think it’s meant to be for more than 2 ppl? ehhehehe… we can also order slices one.

    leona: like i said, we already ate mah… so not so hungry liao.

  4. wa lau yeh. really big lah & looks very delicious.
    I missed the opportunity lah.
    next if i go slovakia, make sure aylwin reserve the table for us.

  5. ya lor WS, miss the chance only that night, we din know so many ppl. next time lah!
    anyway, it was our first time to eat dinner outside that day.

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