Vienna with Chih Wei


last week CW came for a visit and we fetched him from the vienna airport which is about 30-45mins away, like the distance from kajang to klia. it was a cold and windy night, and as usual either being CW or being msian, he’s late for half an hour.

‘the plane was late la’, he said…

but was ok coz baby was asleep for 20mins in the car. on reaching home, he sapu ayl’s maggee mee curry stock. good thing his appetite’s not like ayl’s… hehehe…

anyway, it was our first time to drive around bratislava town and vienna the next day, and even with the gps (ayl finally is a proud owner of a Garmin)… we got a bit lost, overshot for 30mins.

so we reached vienna and the first spot we went to is to Stephensplatz again, the only place we know as of now. it was really cold and it was windy, think it was 11degs or at most 15degs. was a good thing we made trip back home from church to get arielle’s hat before we headed out. otherwise, she would’ve caught the cold. then we pau her like bak chang. regret i didn’t get my gloves as well, my fingers were close to numb and had to push the pram so can’t keep it warm in the pockets like what everyone else is doing.

on sundays, all shops are closed except for the restaurants and the souvenir shops. because we had to walk around, it was too cold for me so we went hunting for a scarf… which made all the difference!!

this time our trip took us inside the infamous cathedral, spent quite some time there looking around the marvelous art the whole building embodies. made us pondered about those who have dedicated their life into creating this; the house of God. nearly every tiny detail were skillfully created.

great example is the stairway, just that alone would take years to complete. the design of this stairway is the same as the building’s exterior.

walking around, we also started to discuss about the controversies of having idols and altars and then what we know as Protestants according to the Bible.

heading out, we were greeted with a fellow wearing a traditional costume; there were quite a few of them walking around outside the cathedral but they didn’t quite catch our interest until one actually approached us. he was talking to us about a concert and trying to sell us tickets to it. honestly, if it wasn’t for CW, we’d have walked away and not take up anymore of his time… and if it wasn’t for CW, i wouldn’t have gotten the chance to watch the concert. 🙂 i’ve always wanted to go for the petronas philharmonik back in kl but never got the chance to. so when CW insisted that we are to go, i was overjoyed and excited!! i’m actually really going to see an orchestra concert here in vienna! it’s another dream come true! God is so good!!

then of course you’re wondering how to go with a baby lah… well, let’s just say we made do and all went well. though we were a bit disappointed when we entered the hall, it was small unlike how we had imagined it to be. but the music and performance (ballet and singing) was fantastic!! when/if you go to vienna, you must must go for the concert! it’s a compulsory!!

*more pics of our trip in ayl’s account, facebook*


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  1. if it wasn’t for moi, you’d still be crawling and bawling for the mata sepet RAIN ok… you idol-snatcher you!!

  2. Bluek 😛
    Me love both of them, OK!!
    Mata sepet or not,…it’s not bout the mata anyways…heh…

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