On the Water here


it’s really different from back home. both taps (one in the bathroom and in the kitchen) have hot & cold water and the water here is safe for drinking without having to boil it first.

however, when we first arrived, i thought it tasted really funny. not sure if it’s because of me being so used to drinking RO water, the water here has a salty and stale taste. on the first week going to church and meeting our new korean friends (Yooni & Soo), they have mentioned something about ‘tears from the stone’ regarding the water here, and that even if we boil them, the certain ingredient in the water still remains. so we decided to buy a special bottled water for babies for Arielle.

it’s called Lucka and it’s about euro3.20 for 6 bottles of 1.5L.

just last week i found yellow coloured sediments when i dispense the water from our electric water flask. when i opened it i found a lot of these things submerged in the water we take to drink everyday as well as for making baby’s milk. of course, i took out the plug and stopped using the flask. however, because the tap’s hot water wasn’t hot enough to make hot drinks/baby’s milk, i started to use a small pot to boil the water whenever we needed it. after a few boils, the base of the pot became yellowish as well.

there’s also the case where when the water dries up, there’s a kind of water stain on it. one of the pics below is from our shower cubicle, as you can see the marks of the water when it’s dried up. it’s like as if there’s a mixture of soap and water dried up and then you have the stains.

don’t know what to make of it currently, our korean friends don’t take from the tap, they buy and consume bottled waters only. so far for us, we didn’t get any stomach upset from it and everything’s fine except on the yellow sediments upon boiling.


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  1. yea supposedly the water in europe is more ‘hard’ containing more minerals..it should be better than RO water la. you just need to get stain removers for your pots and bathrooms..

  2. Erm…but minerals causes stone in kidney too, u know…
    Becareful of that as well 🙂
    Well, at least in BRV, it’s minerals, but in KJG….erm..tanah laterite…bluek…

  3. hahaa… i used to get teh O everytime they ‘fix’ the pipes outside the taman.

    thanks leona, will try it to see if it works.

  4. hey, the water is alright for drinking one, just that is has more minerals in it thats why it leaves stains on every type surface the water touches.
    HOWEVER, if i am not wrong, hot water from the tap is not suitable for drinking at all, in any european country.
    Do check it out before u keep drinking more from it..

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