Arielle got new shoes


hi everyone… here i want to show off my new pair of shoes that daddy got for me… see my poses… ehhehe… i look cool and rugged at the same time right?
it was getting really cold and the shoes brought from home wasn’t warm enough… so mommy said to daddy must buy liao, before the weather gets even colder.

SEE … i’m walking with them!!


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  1. Why when Arielle walks, her hands hafta to be up ya?? For balancing ka?? heh…
    She still loves your tigh, huh? LOL…

  2. wow…
    kasut sangat chun…but the clothing also must match la…
    eh.. mummy, you must wear the same shoe and take pics together ma.

  3. eeek she so cute! still trying to balance walking i guess thats why her hands are all over the place..

  4. yeah, you got it peich.

    mommy’s one quite expensive so have to look around a bit, the ones i like are all more than 120euros :P~

    clothing not chun mer? the one in the video not so lah coz we just went for walk2 downstairs only, and she wears her coat on top so can’t see the lau beh t-shirt.

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