30th Sept – Arielle turned 1!


have been caught up reading my romance/thriller novel that i’ve neglected my blog…hehehee… long time never read this kind of books liao.

upon finding out that it was Arielle’s birthday, Soo our Korean friend took a day off to take us out! 🙂 what a treat to be finally out of the house on a weekday.

Soo and Arielle at Pandorf

at Polo RL Childrens'

they are sooooo cute!! girls' section

we went to Pandorf, Vienna by taxi – a place where designer outlets are (MNG, Zara, Nike, Polo are considered the least expensive as there are other high end designers yang ada gaya, mutu, keunggulan & wang). the shops in this place is considered cheaper than in Bratislava – not sure why tho.

a view of the outlets

Arielle and I at Polo RL - she likes mirrors

quite empty on weekdays, which is really good!

it's USC - never heard of it though

posing posing

we spent the afternoon shopping there and i bought my first pair of boots – which later became my birthday present coz ayl dunno what to get for me. oklah, accepted lah… can be considered reasonable coz it’s close to RM500 (euro99) when converted. hehehe… i had a nice girl time with Soo and we talked about God and about our hometowns.

update (23/Nov): when we were there shopping i didn’t have any euros so Soo loaned me the money to buy the boots, for which i was trying to return to her. but she said that she’s already told me that she was buying it for me since i was paying for the taxi ride going home (which is only euro30)- somehow i don’t recall any of that at all. she was so persistent about it that i couldn’t even force the money on her … she’s so sweet and kind! hmm … so, does that mean Ayl owes me a birthday present?? muahahahha!

we got home at 5pm and then i started cooking for dinner. Yooni, Soo’s husband joined us as well and he brought with him 2 boxes of local cakes (Marlenka)! it’s hand made and really nice tho a lil bit on the sweet side; honey, milk, caramel i think, and nuts.

Arielle’s 1st birthday cake

i didn’t let Arielle hold any chicken drumstick like what my MIL suggested… hahaha… is it supposed to be a chinese custom? messy lah, a lot of work to clean up later. after dinner we sang Arielle her 1st birthday song and then opened some presents. Soo & Yooni were so generous. They brought 2 birthday cakes, and they also bought Arielle a nice dress from Polo RL. so nice of them.


we had to give her something to play with for her to sit still to take a pic, the mouse was handy

from us, we really wanted to get her a gold chain or some kind of jewellery for keepsake, but over here it’s really pricey and most of it are not nice. maybe we went to the wrong place? dunno… but ayl says that we’ll get for her when we go back to Msia, hopefully he remembers. so, i took up what peich suggested, i’ll make a scrap book for her with pics from when i was pregnant which includes her pics in the womb, and continued till she’s 3 y.o.? see how la… she’s got sooooo many pics i dunno how to choose! what do you guys think? gimme your thoughts …


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  1. Nice boots..can kick some a$$ with it! heh…
    Arielle look so cute in the bumble bee dress…heh..feel like cubiting her…

  2. thanks guys… i guess Soo’s got a good eye for kid’s clothes. she’s really good with them too 🙂

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