On the Moon and Sun


last night’s moon was really full and bright. when i turned off the lights and was trying to put Arielle to bed, the moonlight shone in to our room through the balcony glass door. both of us laid on the bed and stared in appreciation of it…or maybe it was just me. *shrugs*

i wondered if those back home got the same kinda moon we had here. and then my mind remembered something funny.

back in uni when i was in 2nd year, i moved out of the dormitory and stayed in a rented house, sharing with 8 or 9 other people. so it was during one of our conversations we had at home that i was again boasting about how lovely and yadda yadda yadda about my hometown Penang, and this and that. and i was talking to them (mostly engineering students) about the sunrise and sunsets we get to see at the beach in Penang and so on.

then, one of them asked me;

‘you can see the sunrise in Penang mer?? i tot Penang’s in the west of Malaysia, so how come you can see sunrise? are you sure?”

with his face like i’ve just told a lie or over-exagerrated something. er… i was a bit dumbfounded. hmm… i know that engineering Ss are ‘kayu’, but i didn’t know them to be dumb thaaat KAYU!! so i replied; ‘in that case, we’ll have to go all the way to Terengganu or Kelantan to see the sunrise! oh wait, that’s not where the sun rises either, not east enough. why don’t we just go to Japan you know, ‘the land of the rising sun’?’

DUH! lol!

(no offense to engineers or engineering students ya, it was just one particular friend who happened to be in the engineering faculty, who also happened to be that blur)


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  1. you know, when i read that, for a moment, just an iota of time … i thought it (almost) made sense. Hhaha… and i’m no engineer.

  2. bunny! you remember not when we had the discussion?

    there was also another time when we were out for dinner together (all housemates). they were passing the chopsticks around to everyone, and then that particular engineering person again did something KAYU!
    he looked at me and asked me,’do you know how to use this?’

    i was so insulted! just because i don’t speak mandarin doesn’t mean i don’t know how to use chopstick and it also doesn’t mean i’m not chinese!

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