Genuine Korean Food


on saturday we made a trip to Vienna to check out the infamous fresh market we’ve been hearing from friends. we made our move after breakfast and drove about 1 hour by highway to get there.

our first stop after parking our car was supposed to be a Jap/Korean restaurant offering buffet; not sure where so we just walked around and hoped to find it, but along the way, we got really hungry so we just picked the nearest restaurant that serves Korean/Jap food.

the place looked small and empty and there was only 1 person managing the shop who i’m assuming, to be a woman in her late 50’s or mid 60’s. ayl was thinking like a typical Msian; the ‘kiasu’ syndrome;

‘let’s look for a place with a lot of ppl!’

so much for that, we were starving and near death what with the cold wind blowing. inside the restaurant, the lady is a Korean, so we reasoned that we better order Korean (they serve Japanese and Korean). you wouldn’t want to order your dim sum from an Indian chef right? the place is called Nagoya.

the lady was really friendly, is it because we’re the only customer there? hehe…

we ordered miso soup, 1 small chicken dish (japanese) and 2 other main Korean dishes. soup came first and at the first sip, all prejudices we had against the restaurant vanished! then the lady brought a bowl of rice and some soya soup in it…and she mentioned it’s for Arielle. how sweet is that!! i’m convinced that most Korean women like children. either that or Arielle’s really cute; coz she’s got pretty big double-eyelid eyes…quote unquote Soo.

we gobbled everything up when the rest of the food came, along with oh-so-delicious Kimchi!! with nearly every bite, ayl and i were like ‘mmmmm’, ‘aiyoo…’, ‘so nice!’, etc… we just couldn’t stop. and i must emphasize one thing, the genuince Kimchi that i had that day is nothing like what we have in Msia. it’s sweeter (but not with sugar), and it doesn’t have that strong vinegar smell. it’s so good that even ayl has gotten a liking to it, much to my surprise.

the best thing of all is, when all the dishes came and we started eating, the lady came and offered her hand to babysit Arielle! oh wow… that was the best, could be the reason why we enjoyed eating so much coz everytime we go out, one of us need to finish the meal first in order for the other one to eat in peace. Thank God!! you won’t understand the relief that is unless you’re a parent yourself.

after i’ve finished eating i went over to ‘talk’ with her, she speaks Korean and German, no English, and saw a Bible on the table she was occupying with Arielle. 🙂 God bless her kind soul! according to Soo, 60% of Koreans are Christians.

i don’t know how to explain the feeling we had after the meal – but, it sure warmed us up inside and it felt like home. we’ll definitely be back.

we made our way to the fresh market after that, and was surprised to find sooo many things! lot of chinese shops here selling all kinds of stuff from Asia. so happy to find them and get ingredients from here. but it’s kind of far to be making the trip all the time. but the thing is, we can’t find any of these here at Bratislava, but some of it Soo has it at her shop in Seoul Food.

yea, pictures are blurry coz i took it with my handphone. last min the cam battery gave up. all in all, it was a good trip. just that the highlight of our day was taken over by the food we had at the restaurant – hehehe… what to do. we’re Msians!


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  1. thanks bryan! there are a lot of koreans here in Bratislava. most of them working for Kia and Samsung.

    a few sundays ago i had the priviledge of having home-made BIBIMBAB over at one of our korean friends’ place – it’s nice and very simple to make.

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