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update: today (20/Nov) i was at the police hq again to reapply for my visa application, and according to my agent, they have accepted the documents. now applying as per my passport name under ‘Choong’ instead of ‘Leong’. however, we’re still waiting for the Apostille for the Marriage Cert and my Non-Criminal Record from home. so… since the agent confirmed again that it’s totally fine with me going about; i don’t have to hide :P, i guess i won’t be making a trip back after all. we’ll just wait for the documents to be done and sent over from home and then the process of endorsement for the visa will begin.

today was a cold day with temp at 8*C, the wind was blowing mad and it was also drizzling. After i passed my medical check-up, i had to go to the police station for some verification on my visa/residential permit.

for starters, let’s go over what the requirements were for the medical checkup which i think is er… EXTREME?… EXTENSIVE?…IN-DEPTH?

the night before the medical checkup, Peter (who’s with the expatriation agency) dropped by to hand me 2 plastic test tubes. 1 for urine, 1 for excrement. ooookay, i’m familiar with the first one but ah, what kind of ‘creative measures’ am i to use to ‘extract’ the other one, says here it needs to be at least the size of a pea…. i won’t go through the details here.

at the clinic the next morning, as i waited my turn to go in, i noticed the several people in the waiting room were all non-locals. guess this is the place where all expatriates go for their medical check-up. when in the room, the first thing they ask is,

‘are you pregnant?’

NOOoooooo, i’m not. phew! still too soon. then they started to prick my right arm for blood sample… and they took 3 test tubes! what the heck – why so many? when i went back that day i nearly pengsan (fainted). well i kinda did, so grateful that Ayl was there to look after Arielle. think i was KO for 2 straight hours. anyways, back to the clinic.

so after the blood sample, they gave me a looonng cotton bud and a compatible plastic tube. er, i looked puzzledly at my translator… did i just hear this correctly? you want me to go into the toilet over there and do what with this? ah… i see, stick it into my butt-hole rectum and put the cotton bud into the tube and place this sticker with my name on it. ah-ha… sure! No, NO PROBLEM!! *crossed-eyed*

did i mention already that the test was IN-DEPTH? hmm…. indeed!

thankfully, the worst is over. after that, i went into another room with a lady doctor who’s obviously going through menopause, either that or she’s a racist! haha.. or she might just be having a bad day *shrugs* whatever. but she talked to me as if i can’t understand a word; like i’m stupid or something, until later i earned her smile with my medical knowledge of ‘congenital hole-in-the-heart’ condition. i showed her! 😛 it’s supposed to be a cross-examination where the doc asks you about your current condition and medical history, and also about your family’s medical background. after that we went for the x-ray and then an eye test. and it was finally over!

so today, Arielle and I were at the police station. We had to be there in person for the authorities to see but there were some complications. Arielle had no problems coz her name is Leong but because my passport’s name is Choong and not Leong even after marriage, they’re confused and they’re unable to proceed. Don’t know about other countries, but in Slovakia, once a lady’s married, all formal documents with their names will change to that of their husbands, which is not the case at all in Malaysia. we retain our maiden names in our IC and passports.

so that is a problem! because, 3 months is coming up, and if i still don’t get my visa approved, i need to be out of the big EU, not just Slovakia! don’t know who’s going to bear the cost… but i’ll need to get out. hopefully it doesn’t come to that coz i dread the long flight. the only place i can go is back home right? and of course i’ll have to bring Arielle along…what leave her with Ayl?? LOL!!

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  1. Hai…In depth huh…
    with the DNA from the hole below… we can create some sodomy case and plant it on some mattress!

    But seriously, from the excretion, we can get DNA and lots more information from there, like what have you eaten, and where have you been…
    and 3 test tube of blood is a lot and we can do lots of stuff… hahahaha…

  2. yeah prof… i know! that’s why i’m wondering why the necessity to go to such extent.

    maybe the swab is to prove that the sample is really mine.

  3. What about your marriage certificate you have from malaysia. You may ask malaysia regesitry board in Malaysia to write for you ..although may take ages. Any way take goood care.

  4. well, we already have that translated together with the other necessary documents. plus, it’s verified as true copy and blah blah.
    but now they want us to get an ‘appostille’ from the Minister of Foreign Affairs back home. what the heck! it’s gonna take at least a month to get it. why only now are they mentioning it… beats me really!

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