Recycling Campaign


for as long as i can remember, the Malaysian govt has been trying to implement this for umpteen years now but still, look how far have we progressed?

honestly, how many ppl do you know separates their tins/cans, paper materials, glass/bottles, recycleble items from the general trash we throw everyday? i’m not talking about just the newspaper ya. let’s admit it, it’s so much easier sometimes just to throw the finished can into whatever bin we see after we’re done with it.

i realized that although Bratislava (Slovakia’s capital) is not as advanced as KL, and although most of them don’t know where in the world map Malaysia is; their govn is able to implement recycling more effectively than ours! *digress: but they know where Thailand and Singapore is. funny huh?*

our country has got so much potential – and yet, most of those in power chooses to continually fight over petty things (like the use of the word Allah), abuse their status and authority (putting innocent ppl into ISA hold-up), disputing over racial issues (ketuanan melayu) incessantly … etc. can they stop for a moment to take their eyes off themselves and start to think of what’s good for the country as a whole?

ok, i’m digressing even further here. was going to talk about recycling here in Bratislava.

what they do:

1. no plastic bags provided for shopping groceries. if you want one, you’ll have to pay for it. (maybe like RM0.05 a piece). all the shops except boutiques have similar rules, even IKEA! but we noticed that only Tesco gives away plastic bags for free… which we use as rubbish bags.

2. almost everywhere has recycle bins esp at residential areas, even in the malls. Malls have those really nice, small ones.

3. because they’re encouraged to recycle, ppl buy their own shopping bags or trolleys, we have our own for grocery shopping.

tesco green grocery bag

tesco green grocery bag, 100% organic

shopping trolley

shopping trolley

4. take outs – i went to a nearby cafe here one day and ordered a take out cake. they put the slice of cake unto a piece of small hard paper, and then wrapped it in paper. no box, no plastic bag. i’m not so sure about soups tho… hmmm, i should try and find out. but with food, they use a styrofoam box.

5. fresh markets – they use plastic bags, but only if you don’t have your own bag/trolley.

6. bottle dispenser – you know we have can drinks dispenser or coffee dispenser, well this machine is for bottles. there’s a hole in the middle where you push one-by-one the used bottles into the machine and after you’ve finished, you get money from it. it’s in one of the malls.

not sure about offices and if they do recycling with the used paper and all though, but i’m pretty confident they do too.


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  1. Even in canada when I tell them where is Malaysia most people will just hah where is that. This is how i explain it..Its a piece of land that is locataed between Thailand and singapore.. Most people thought that piece of land belong to singapore. Malaysia????? they tot is one state of singapore.. Malaysia Boleh Spirit ma…….. Want to compete internationally..Malaysia?

  2. i totally agree! there are some condos in KL that have separate bins for recycling and i’m thinking of buying some color coded bins for my house…

    do i have to wash plastics before i throw them into the plastics bin?

  3. kinda sad huh douglas. and then when you’re away from home, you’d like to say something nice about what’s going on in the country to ppl, but all that’s going on is political crap!

    guna, i usually just rinse it clean without soap. same goes with cans and bottles. just so it doesn’t smell. the humidity level’s very low here, so in just a while, everything dries up.

  4. i separate my trash! our apartment has the separate recycling bins and yours truly has been very diligently separating our trash.

    I also shop with a reusable bag that we got from jusco, summore they encourage u to use the bag in return they give u jcard points tim….

    Only thing is sometimes, i realise i run out of rubbish bags then i’ll need some “trash” bags from the supermarket lah.

  5. unfortunately our trash bags are not’s not easy to implement this in msia when the simple recyclable things are not available…Styrofoam too is bad and can cause cancer. So how really to recycle when we have to put recyclable trash into non-recyclable plastic bags? the plastic bags are not going to rot. i know only ikea plastic bags here are actually recyclable..

  6. good for you peich.

    yes leona, it wud be a great task to have everything organic esp with the things we need to use everyday.

    but do we need to use plastic bags to put recyclable trash in? wud it be ok just to throw it into the designated bins?

    ikea here uses paper bag which we’ll need to pay for it if we don’t have our own bag already. 🙂

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