Our self value


Gen 2:17 tells me that I am formed from the earth (dust) and my life (breath) comes from God.

In my limited understanding, it simply tells me that without God, I will not know my true self-worth. True, many people are born with talents and all imaginable capabilities, and yet how many of them we know are living miserable lives because they can’t pintpoint the reason for their existence?

I remembered reading an article (somewhere) that someone literally took the ‘finished product’ of a corpse (means totally decomposed and turned back to its original matter, dust) and took it to be valued. If I remembered correctly, it’s not even worth a dollar.

Brilliant! Our God is simply brilliant! To take something worthless and make it beautiful and alive, that’s the genius of God. And yes, it’s because of God that it’s beautiful. Without Him, it’s not even worth a squat.

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