Arielle the Houdini


yesterday morning Aylwin passed her my handphone for her to play with while i was cooking. He was caught up with setting up his new blog.

it has disappeared since then… we’ve combed through and through the house and checked every of her secret places that we know of (and more)… but still, the handphone cannot be found.

unfortunately Aylwin offed it before passing it to her, so we can’t call it to locate it.

we’re still looking for it. (teng teng teng teng!!!)


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  1. Hmmm…need to bring her to scan…maybe telah ditelan… OR maybe, she’s disassemble it…kakakaka…all da best sista!

  2. 🙂 well, we finally found it! actually aylwin did; it was in between the balcony door and the blinds.

    but now it’s the bottle teat that’s gone. sighs* so far we had cases with the handphone, the remote control and now it’s the teat.

  3. Hey hey…

    Haha, aww, our lil Arielle is a classic at hide n seek!! She must be having a gala time seeing mummy & daddy frantically looking for the “hidden treasures” 🙂

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