Last week, IwasthiscloseatgettinganiPhone… yes, this close.

I didn’t think about getting just the phone; seems cheaper to get it with a contract (first glance la). So, I checked out the stores (Orange and T-Mobile) to find out what sort of contracts are available. First set-back was that the contract is for minimum 2 years, and my residential permit is only valid for 1 1/2 years… CIS… Secondly, looking closely at the contract (and then converting to RM), my jaw nearly dropped.

Example of 1 contract from Orange:

2 years contract : €55/month x 24months = €1,320 (for contract nia ok)

One time payment for phone : €45 (must take with contract)

Total payment : €1,365

€1,365 doesn’t seem so much at first glance. I mean, come on, logically speaking, if you save €100 per month for 13 months, this absolutely DELICIOUS baby is yours (yes, I’m dreaming of the phone now). But wah siang, take €1,365 x 4.5 = RM6,142.50, that money can be used as downpayment for a car leh!

So my question is, can anyone tell me what’s the price of the iPhone without contract? I’m definitely sure that the price in Asia is much more cheaper compared to what we’re paying for in Europe.


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  1. i think its about 3+ K on buysell.com.my. but they’re all jailbroken ones, no warranty.
    isn’t the iphone rather weak feature wise? it can’t even do a copy-and-paste…

  2. No warranty iPhones are pretty risky… don’t know about the feature yet. I had a quick test at Orange and I really, really love the big screen. Wi-fi was a great feature to have, and I opened this blog just to test. It looked great on it! Plus the camera, 2MP it was, works quite well. The pix quality was good. Well, with the high price, I am contemplating it’s less-endowed sibling, the iPod touch minus the call function and camera… word has it HK has the cheapest price.

  3. ipod touch is RM 949.00. Official Apple product with Warranty.
    What peeves me is tha thing does not do basic organizer functionality. No todo list. No cope and paste. No MMS. Bluetooth does not work except with Apple’s own headsets.

    Once you get past the super screen, and smooth UI, you realize its not worth the buck. I’m thinking of the ipod touch too.

    But the functionality seems to a drawback…

  4. Hmm…. Seems Apple is following what SONY was doing previously…. exclusiveness, which then resulted in drop of sales etc etc… I was afraid of that. I did contemplate other alternatives like Nokia or Sony or Samsung phones with wifi and all the other features as well; any recommendations?

  5. i’ve given up on Nokia. All the same…
    Windows Mobile gives more flexibility with software, and there’s loads of freeware out there.

    HTC is churning out mobile phones like candy bars, and they’re pretty well spec-ed.

    The other highly rated one I read about recently is the Samsung Omnia. Never seen one though…

  6. Hmm… but i’ve been thinking, do we need a pda at all? i’ve had one and to be honest, i don’t find much use for it. perhaps the iphone or touch is filling the ‘i want a toy with everything but an organizer’ function… seems to me like it is. btw, saw the omnia; looks exactly like the iphone. but no chance to try it out yet.

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