Starting a blog…


I was going through my stats and am pretty happy that this blog is getting some attention, har har…

When I was setting up this blog, I was thinking of the introductions, how I should announce this blog to the world, etc… then a thought occured to me; “Hey, isn’t the blog supposed to be a private online diary (note the juxtaposition; private and online), so why am I even bothering with the intro?”. So I skipped that intro part in my blog. Heck, I didn’t even bother about the “About me” part.

But browsing through so many blogs out there, I guess the blog isn’t a personal thing anymore. It’s become, for many, an outlet for the author to express himself/herself and letting their views be known. For my wife, it’s one of the way she keeps herself sane, other than SIMS2. Some are specific, like Dr M’s blog (love it btw, though sometimes don’t agree with it) or mymacbuzz (great site David!). Kenny Sia, the famous bugger blogger from my beloved hometown, Kuching is another favorite site of mine. I’ve ‘seen’ it grow from an any normal blog to some sort of advertising blog now.

So, why do you blog?  Me? Saje-lah…

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  1. i started a blog to keep my friends updated on my life. but, only 10% of them care for the online world. sad. but, i made tons of new friends through my blog, and i’ve found that to be one of the greatest joys of blogging! 🙂 especially when you meet people with the same passion. it helps you grow as a person too.

  2. true, that’s the purpose of me starting this blog, but so far i’ve not told anyone specifically about this blog-o-mine. Just a tiny ad on facebook, that’s all. And btw, I’ll have you know that you’re comment is the first approved comment on my blog 🙂

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