Cannons vs Devils (The devils later got cannoned at the emirates)


Today at 1.30pm I will sit in front of the idiot box rooting for the Manchunian army. Go you Reds!



In a game where Man U should’ve won 10 – 0, they lost 2 – 1. It’s really a case of men vs boys, in this case the boys won… Luck really favored Arsenal in this one. Samir Nasri, the one who scored the brace is really the man to watch. He really ran circles around Gary Neville (maybe his time as defender is up), Rio was really sleeping (nearly caused more shockers) and Vidic was, well… substandard today. Our attacks were quality enough, slicing open Arsenal’s defenses like tofu, but just lack that final touch to put the ball away. Come January, Fergie should be looking to bring in additional steel in defense, or let Rafael be part of the first team. His performance was good and his goal was touche!

P/S: And I noticed I used a lot of ‘really’ in this post, ‘cos I was REALLY caught up with the game, and at the end of the game, I was REALLY disappointed. You can read abt the intensity of my emotions in my wife’s blog.


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