What is it with Men and Balls?


ok, so last last week, and last week and today we stayed home coz Ayl has a game to catch. usually we’ll be out the whole day on the weekends, coz then, finally i’d get to go out!! yes, i could’ve just taken the car out on my own and go shopping and whatsoever – i’d really like to, really reeeaaally, if not for the left-hand drive. still not used to it yet, so it’s better not to crash the company car.


i really don’t get it how one can support their team with such passion and fervor and … craze! he actually changed into his manU jersey before the game; which reminds me of a friend we have back home who brought along his Liverpool flag with him when his team played. *smacks palm on forehead*

well anyway, Arsenal scored their first goal 25mins into the game and that’s it! he sat at the edge of the sofa, eyes and ears glued eagerly on the tv, hoping against all hope for ManU to score at every twitch of the running clock … in fact, he was literally cheering them on! and if you know Ayl, he’s loud!

‘COME ON MAN U! COME ON, YOU CAN DO IT! COME ON LADS!’, then when there’s no positive response from his team, he whimpered as the match draws nearer to the end. even with 15mins left, he still has hope for his team, continuing to cheer, ‘THERE’S STILL TIME, 3-2!!’ all the while with the anticipation only an ardent fan can understand.

how unfortunate that the team had lost and like as if he himself had lost a great battle, he sighed heavily, depressingly and went about doing that for quite a while, unconsciously.

all this … in the name of a game. -FOOTBALL-

when’s the last time you saw a guy get so emotional? :P~

if only we’re all this dedicated as well in our ministry and with spreading the good news … i think we’ll all be raptured already. ahhaha….

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  1. LOL…so KC, does that mean u tak ada…erm…erm…kekekeke…

    RaRa, I so know who that avid Liverfool fan is…ooops, I mean Liverpool!LOL…

    Well, as the saying goes, “If you can’t beat them, join them”…heh…

  2. Heh… Khai Chung… wa mai kong nia, and Ade took the words out of my mouth (in this case, out of my keyboard). Sure you’re a man? LOL

    Anyway, tonight there’s a game vs Queen Park Rangers; will be glued to the screen again.

  3. khai chung, why do you bring this to yourself. kah-ki chuay lai!

    anyway, the title is ‘Men and Balls’ and not ‘Men and THEIR Balls’ ok…

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