HELP!! Won’t U please Help Me!


i sure can relate to this song right now. but i think the most immediate help right now would be this:

CAN ANYONE TELL ME HOW I CAN GO TO THE LOO IN PEACE??! (with a 1 year old baby in the house when she’s not asleep)

the only time i can do my own stuff now is when she’s asleep. but what happens when i really need to go and she’s awake? LOL!

i’ve tried letting her watch cartoon and i’d sneakily go into the loo, but when she finds that i’m not around anymore, she cries and cries – and then i just can’t go anymore. :P~

arielle after i came out from the loo

arielle after i came out from the loo

these days i wait until she’s finally sound asleep. but like today, i really had to go! ok, so i had the door open … what else am i supposed to do!! *snicker*

anyone any advice esp parents?


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  1. i know exactly what you mean!
    Titus is really sticky with Chin Ai. Won’t even let her go into the wet kitchen without making a fuss.

    Titus is almost two and still like that. get used to it. and let her get used to it.

  2. Last time cavin oso like tht.cannot alone now better alr cos whn i wan to do sumthing i will tell him (like im going to cooking) i let him sit in front of the kitchen door thn i tell him mama cook HOT! HOT! the fire.. so he just sit on the floor n looking at me cook. but must make some funny thing to him la becos he will feel boring oso… as well whn i go anyway just let him sit in front of the door.. slowly about few week he will boring wat u doing thn he will choosing watch TV better thn c mama cooking…. HAHA

  3. waaaa pik…why does it sound so easy wan?
    arielle learnt the meaning of ‘HOT!’ after she touched the oven door when it was on, even after so many warnings and sometimes with the wooden ladle on her hand. she didn’t get burnt la… just very hot.

  4. not easy wan ar… i told him many many time meaning of HOT!! baru he noticed it will pain. so now he very scared about the fire even is a candle or lighter… need some time to monitor lor.. u tok “siew lai lai” easy b ar. whn u just alone wif bb at home whole day.. u need to open ur big eyes n watching every movement. very tired wan ler. Tht’s y i always keep complaint about my monster.. HAHA not easy take k 1 bb so active n nv feel tired.

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