A song for Arielle


One of the greatest moment in my life was when my daughter was born; the title ‘daddy’ conferred was an absolute honor and great responsibility bestowed upon me by our Heavenly Father. It was one of those nights when I was putting her to bed that this melody (and subsequently lyrics) came to me. It is my prayer and hope that she will continue grow in God and may God’s favor, protection and blessing be upon her all the days of her life.

Lullaby for Arielle

In Christ alone

I place my trust

He knows my needs

He guides my ways

I lift my hands

To honor Him

I give my praise

To Christ my King

Music and Lyrics by Aylwin Leong

To my dearest Arielle (love always from Daddy).

P/S: Ok, I know the vid quality is a major let-down, I’ll replace it soon!


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  1. I hum to her all sorts of songs, mostly self-invented. This particular song was one of those songs where I thought the melody was quite lullaby-ish. Did you fall asleep listening to it? If yes, then it has achieved it’s purpose 🙂

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