Arielle the Chef


the other day after Ayl came back from Barcelona business trip, he was tired; and so was I after having to look after Arielle for 2 whole days straight and both of us just wanted some quiet time to ourselves to do our own thing. so we just left Arielle to herself as she walks around and picks up things and throw things, making a lot of noise and then suddenly she started to play on her own without us noticing it – until after awhile. then i quickly grabbed the camera and took a video.

i liked how she puts the hankerchief nicely into the pan first before she started ‘cooking’. must be looking at me cooking dinner too much!


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  1. Cute lar Q-moh Jr ni…learning from Q-moh Sr…kakaka…

    What’s that black thing she’s trying to pick-up at the end?

  2. er… i didn’t know at first but when i got closer, it was the huge black fly that Aylwin swatted previously and couldn’t find it.

    it’s very rare to get flies in the house, esp one this big! there are no ants, no flies, no ‘kat chaks’, no lizards… sooo nice!

  3. aww, so adorable. maybe u can start buying her those cooking themed toys, she looks like she’s enjoying it

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