Please excuse me…


… for being a sakai… BUT WE’RE GONNA HAVE SNOW THIS WEEKEND (hopefully hopefully hopefully)!!!! AAAAAHHHHHHH!! soo excited, my first time seeing real snow! *going delirious*


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  1. I never thought there is another SAKAI that just like me…See snow so happy… Do enjoy the snow..snowman, snow fight, snow boarding and snow……….

    But I want to say..I don really enjoy the snowing after a day in it..walking around with heavy boots(3.0 kg), Heavy coats excluding the extra shirt that I wear to keep myself warm(2.5 kg), Water proof + wind proof + cold proof pants(excluding all the extra pants and thermal underwear) (1.5 kg).. I feel like dragging myself everwhere… But do enjoy the snow don’t let what i say hamper u..It does have fun side of it:)

  2. SPK betui! Heh…
    Snow is nice to see…but the ice macam ais kacang…
    And snow fight?! Er…sakit lar Douglas!
    Not forgeting the winter wear…banyak-nye layer…go pee pee pun susah, coz hafta remove so many layers..
    But it’s ok to anticipate for it..unfortunately the coldness (for me) is unbearable…

  3. Adeline, Well i have to agree with that many layer, to pee will take some extra time than usual…and u might not be able see where u aim as well…hahahahaha this will happen if you plan to pee in the open air..

    The other thing is the sun is very bright..but the temperature is -10 celcius..Its a bit depressing…thinking that the sun in the sky could be FAKE one…..

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