And it DID Snow!!


WARNING: i will be sakai throughout this whole post. :P!

was waiting for it to come falling down in the morning and all of a sudden, Ayl told me it’s snowing! well, it was just snowflakes and it came falling lightly down like small pieces of white cotton flying in the air. it was very cold but i opened the balcony door and held out my hand for some to fall on it, but none did :P~ coz it was too light and the wind was quite strong… 

but we got a closer look when we went out; there it was on the grass just outside our apartment entrance. so i grabbed a pic… ehehhee… so sampat!! aiyo, can’t help it lah! my first time ok!


first snow on grass

first snow on grass

on getting a closer look, it does look like ice-shavings, just like what Ade said in the previous post. can make ice-kacang di. but it was freezing outside; the wind was strong and immediately my hands and ears were cold. need to wear gloves and hat already.

so it was after dinner that i sat down at the pc and was checking FB when eh, why is there so much water on the window sill? oh no… because the weather’s freakin freezing outside, we have water vapor on the inside, like a cold glass of water you know. i took a few pics nevertheless… hehehe… to show you folks what i’m really talking about ma. 


water vapour

water vapour


aka ice kacang shavings


ice kacang shavings outside the kitchen balcony, temp at -3*C

ice kacang shavings outside the kitchen balcony, temp at -3*C

BBRRRRR!!! hopefully the car won’t be frozen tomorrow. we shall see… i will update with more pictures… stay tuned! whaakakahahahah!

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  1. hello sakai, nice to see that you’re enjoying yourself and that arielle is learning to cook. miss you all heaps. somehow christmas in kajang won’t be the same without aylwin and you.

  2. RaRa…you should stick out your tongue to taste the snow instead, and get your tongue frozen…hehe..

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