Making New Friends


i’m sitting at the desk now looking at the falling snow outside the window just beside me. hmmm… i wonder if this is how it looked like when God provided the manna from heaven to the Isrealites. it’s really different here with 4 seasons; and i thank God i get the chance to experience them.

anyways, last week was eventful; i got to meet some new people and so did Arielle – she met some friends of her age.

on tuesday (18/Nov), Annete came over with her daughter Chantall. we met in church before this but never really talked to each other before. then when we did, we decided to get together because she stays not very far away from our place. Annete is local Slovakian and her husband Kevin an American. they’ve got 2 daughters, Hannan is 6 and Chantall is 16months old – just 2 months older than Arielle.

we had lunch together and found there were a lot of things to talk about. we had quite a few things in common being a stay home mom, and because of the common ground there are many things we could relate to each other though we come from different background and culture. i feel that both she and her husband are really intellectual people. for example; she reads MicroEconomics during her free time to keep her sane!! er… while i read thrillers, novels and biographies. she studied Hebrew and Arabic (including the Quran) when she was in Jerusalem and is now interested in Mandarin, which she says is the top most difficult language in the whole world according to statistics. i don’t know where she gets her motivation from.

we got together again yesterday over at her place for lunch. here are some pics…

Arielle and Chantall upon arriving at the apartment

Arielle and Chantall upon arrival at the apartment

Chantall - she's so pretty

Chantall - she's so pretty

Chantall - cute huh??

Chantall - cute huh??

that's Annete - in the living room

that's Annete - in the living room full of toys

Arielle playing

Arielle playing

then on Friday (21/Nov), a lot more people came. Kaori-san; one of Aylwin’s colleague’s wife organized a get-together at my place for mothers and their babies. they brought pizza, salad and roast chicken and a lot of juices and tidbits. All of them Japanese, most of them their husband works in Sony Nitra as well. it was wonderful to have so many people come, all in all 6 guests with 4 babies. suddenly my usually quiet apartment is filled with babies walking and playing and ladies talking and laughing. how nice!! there was only one setback though, most of them don’t speak English very well. since the majority speaks Japanese, i was the only one who couldn’t understand. :P~ blweh…

Kaai cute Jap socks

Kaai's cute Jap socks

the food we had

the food we had

they liked the kampung koh chilli sauce from home!

they liked the kampung koh chilli sauce from home!

feeding time!!

feeding time!!

believe me when i tell you this baby ate 4 pcs of pizza!! she's about 2

believe me when i tell you this baby ate 4 pcs of pizza!! she's abt 2 years plus. she just sits quietly and eats away. her mother says she's interested in food... i bet!

Kinuyo & Iroha (1yr 7mths)

Kinuyo & Iroha (1yr 7mths) 'who's water bottle arielle took to play with nearly the whole time'

Eiko & Nanami (1yr 9mths)

Eiko & Nanami (1yr 9mths) 'cheerful and danced around'

Kieko & Towako (2yrs +)

Kieko & Towako (2yrs +) 'nom nom nom!'

Yoko & Akane (11mths) - Akane reminds me of Ranma (Jap comic)

Yoko & Akane (11mths) - Akane reminds me of Ranma (Jap comic)

beside me is Kaai, the one with the cute socks.

beside me is Kaai, the one with the cute socks, and Yoko

didn’t get a pic of the tai-kah-che (big sister) Kaori-san who organized this meeting though; she’s camera shy. both Kaori-san and Kaai-san have their children in school so they did not join us. overall, it was nice to meet new people; but too many to people around to get to know one particular person better as there were a lot of moving around. hopefully, i get a chance to know each one of them better – but language would be a barrier for us. had to clean up after all went back, what to do… when you have kids, you’ll have sticky floor and chair and stuff. the more there are, the merrier it gets! but it’s worth it, beats staying alone at home all the time!


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  1. Good to hear that RaRa 🙂
    And now, you can even learn a couple of new language i.e. Arabic and brush up on your Mandarin and Japs…heh…

  2. Wow,your girl is really cute in her winter coat,and glad to know that you are enjoying your new adventure in foreign land…=)

  3. thanks guys. 🙂
    God really answers prayers and He knows our needs!

    anyways VONG MUI (stop calling me RARA!!!), brushing up on Mandarin wud be better than learning Arabic :P, i’ve to learn Slovak now. as for Japs, oh man, i think i’ve lost the whole hiragana/katagana already… baaaaaaddd.

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