Daily Archives: December 3, 2008

Arielle’s got Diarrhoea


my poor baby! it’s nearly a week now and i’ve been trying a lot of things to reduce her purging. brought her to the doc last friday, and she’s taking some pro-biotics and non-lactose milk. i just bought another tin of milk for her today; she was expected to be ok by Monday.

Arielle 'medicine'

Arielle's 'medicine'

i’m giving her water from the porridge, water from barley and thanks to Soo, i’ve got some organic barley tea for babies too. she’s so kind! the doc says she can take black tea to harden the stool. and according to Soo, Koreans usually take barley water to clean the system and stop diarrhoea.

Organic barley tea for babies

Organic barley tea for babies

she’s lost quite a lot of weight now; i can feel her shoulder blades when i pick her up but my MIL says her face is still as round. what to do… she takes after her papa! one good thing is even with her condition, she hasn’t lost any of her zest. still running around and stuff.

hopefully all these mix with prayers, she’ll get well soon.