Daily Archives: December 15, 2008

T-Mobile + Bratislava + Slovakia


ok, i’m gonna say this – and it might sound mean, but honestly – the service sector in Bratislava is generally poor, but what we just went through with T-Mobile … is ATROCIOUS!! oh wait, maybe i’m generalizing here, so i’ll be more specific, the T-Mobile branch at Aupark, Bratislava (a new shopping complex here) is ATROCIOUS!!

i don’t think that i’m being hasty to say this; let me give you a brief description.

because i don’t have my visa approved yet, so we had to use Ayl’s to open a fixed line account for my cell phone. yeah, it’s a rule here. T-Mobile uses emails to send their bill – and it’s in Slovak, PLUS they have a pin attached to the bill!! to add to the damage, since we’ve subscribed to T-Mobile till now, i’ve been receiving countless spam/random advertisements; all in Slovak! ok, no problem, i can ignore that.

i went to T-Mobile at Aupark last Saturday intending to pay the bill or to ask for the pin number so i know how much we need to pay. after taking a number, i waited for half and hour just to get to the counter; they have a couple of sofas at the back of the outlet which barely can contain the number of people standing in wait. here’s what happened when i got to the counter:

guy: yes, how can i help you? (in Slovak)

me: i’d like to pay my phone bill please.

guy (in English now): sorry, that’s not possible right now. our system is down (thanks, crap! what a waste of time waiting)

me: ok, i’d like to check what my pin number is since i got my bill in the email, but it’s all in slovak.

guy: ok, can you show me your passport/visa please.

me: sorry, i don’t have a visa, it’s still being processed and the number is under my husband’s.

guy: oh then, i can’t give you the pin number.

me: what? why? it’s my husband’s – how then will i know how much to pay?

guy: i’m sorry. (non-smiling all the while, with monotonous voice)

me: then do you know if Tesco Lamac branch is online and if i can make my payment there? Could you check for me? (another branch near our place)

guy: i don’t know. (shrugs – his expression ‘it’s not my problem’)


have you ever had a Customer Service personnel telling you ‘i don’t know’ immediately after you ask them a question?? as a CS myself back in my job, even if i really don’t know the answer to the question my customer is asking me, i’d at least do whatever i can to assist in providing some kind of information; or at least show some kind of effort/initiative to check. this guy didn’t even blink an eye when he said that.

then today, since Ayl took MC for the day, we made a trip there again to make payment. after standing in wait again for nearly more than half an hour, his number was still not up yet. we had it up to that point, and we decided it wasn’t worth the wait just to pay a simple phone bill. it was late, baby was sick, sleepy and restless, and the whole place was closing down already. the frustration was not only due to the wait itself, but also because of the ‘Customer Service’ – how they regard their customer.

you know, if this is Malaysia – the company would be out of business by now. sighs* but it’s not Malaysia, so i can only vent it out here. hopefully, they’ll change and start to take note of how important service really is in all types of business, in order to maintain their customers. same goes with the hotel industry here as well.