Daily Archives: December 18, 2008

Making ‘Sugar balls’ from Snow??


it snowed heavily today in the morning and early noon, and snow gathered on the balcony outside our bedroom. the first thing i thought of was if could make them into balls and put different kinds of sugar/syrup on it as dessert… hahaha…

brings me back to the time in Penang, when i used to cycle around Pulau Tikus near my school, i used to stop by this ais-kacang stall (one beside the bicycle shop) and order a ball of ice shaving coated with sweet syrups. the ideal dessert for a hot sunny day. but of course you’ll need to wash your hands and mouth after that from all the melted sugar and ice.

i actually might do it since it’s so easy to make, just that i don’t have the ingredients for it: ang-tng, sarsi-tng, or-tng (the different kinds of syrup). bleh!!

an ice ball in the making coated with different kinds of syrup

an ice ball in the making coated with different kinds of syrup


Seriously ho liao


For those who know me well, I don’t take too much sweet stuffs; never been a habit of mine. Deserts just don’t rock my boat; I can only take so much before I get all ‘jelak’ with the sweetness.

But, I discovered I have a sweet tooth for a particular chocolate candy bar, Snickers Cruncher. I first tasted this out-of-this-world creation in Malaysia maybe a decade ago, but of course didn’t eat too much of it ‘cos one bar costs you around RM2+, which is big money for me (eh, can buy a bowl of lip-smacking kolo mee leh).

For me, this bar tastes better than the original version, which is much stickier and chocolatey. The cruncher packs more nuts, rice crackers and less chocs, nougats. The hint of saltiness from the nuts goes very well with the nougats and chocolate layer.snickers cruncher

Give it a try!

P/S: I eat this stuff now almost every week ‘cos it’s so cheap to buy it here (around 0.40€ to 0.50€ per bar).

It snowed this morning…


‘Twas a cool day, nice weather to sleep in; I had to drag myself out of the couch. Yea, the couch. I was sleeping outside the bedroom for the past two nights ‘cos Arielle is having problem sleeping due to her blocked nose (she’d cry at night while asleep).

Anyway, woke up, took my bath, and when I looked out the window, SNOWFLAKES!

If there’s some comparison to made about winter, it would be like a woman who is beautiful to behold but with a difficult temperament to manage… really leh… winter, it’s all white, makes the surrounding so serene and peaceful, but wahlau, walking or driving in the snow is no joke man. Plus, the snow does a good job in camouflaging the road lines and dividers; literally booby traps waiting to happen if you’re not careful.