It snowed this morning…


‘Twas a cool day, nice weather to sleep in; I had to drag myself out of the couch. Yea, the couch. I was sleeping outside the bedroom for the past two nights ‘cos Arielle is having problem sleeping due to her blocked nose (she’d cry at night while asleep).

Anyway, woke up, took my bath, and when I looked out the window, SNOWFLAKES!

If there’s some comparison to made about winter, it would be like a woman who is beautiful to behold but with a difficult temperament to manage… really leh… winter, it’s all white, makes the surrounding so serene and peaceful, but wahlau, walking or driving in the snow is no joke man. Plus, the snow does a good job in camouflaging the road lines and dividers; literally booby traps waiting to happen if you’re not careful.

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