Making ‘Sugar balls’ from Snow??


it snowed heavily today in the morning and early noon, and snow gathered on the balcony outside our bedroom. the first thing i thought of was if could make them into balls and put different kinds of sugar/syrup on it as dessert… hahaha…

brings me back to the time in Penang, when i used to cycle around Pulau Tikus near my school, i used to stop by this ais-kacang stall (one beside the bicycle shop) and order a ball of ice shaving coated with sweet syrups. the ideal dessert for a hot sunny day. but of course you’ll need to wash your hands and mouth after that from all the melted sugar and ice.

i actually might do it since it’s so easy to make, just that i don’t have the ingredients for it: ang-tng, sarsi-tng, or-tng (the different kinds of syrup). bleh!!

an ice ball in the making coated with different kinds of syrup

an ice ball in the making coated with different kinds of syrup


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  1. Yes, I remembered that too. after school over in Pulau Tikus i will run to the stall to buy one and eat it as it drips all over!

    ah…nice nice

  2. wah!! is that ABC or what? they make it like an ice ball and hold on their hand? eh..i haven’t seen that..LOL..i haven’t step to Penang for ages man..where about? maybe i should go see see look look n eat!!! hahaha

  3. 🙂 this pic kenny sia took is from the famous ice-kacang stall at penang road. usually, most ice-kacang stalls in penang sells this. just ask for it.

    but i need to warn you, it can get really messy.

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