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Simple yet Heart-Warming


i didn’t know that receiving something simple like even a postcard from home would be so heart-warming; i only got to realize it now that i’m so far away from home … it shows that i’m either home-sick (and really suppressing it) or that i’m easy to please … hahaha!!!

i used to have a pen-pal from Ontario, Canada with whom i communicated via snail-mail for 4 to 5 years when i was 12 years old. i really enjoyed getting mails from him and we shared a lot of things through our letters over the years. there was always the anticipation while i waited for his reply and with snail-mail, i find there was so much more to say and share with each other than e-mail; mostly because of the bigger time gap in between the exchanges. i was disappointed that we didn’t continue writing; i blame it on the complexities of being adolescences. i still have all of his letters though, not that i have any special feelings for him – i’m just a sentimental person. 🙂 i like the envelopes with the stamps, post chops and the sticker that says ‘Par Avion’; they have come a loooonng way, through and by many hands just to get to me.

well anyway, we got our first snail-mail from home when a postcard came from Penang!! and it was from Khai Chung and Mee Siing, how lovely – it was really a nice surprise though it’s just a piece of card. then another surprise came when we got a chit from the postman to go collect a parcel from the post-office just down the road. i was thinking that it would probably be some formal documents for my visa application; just like the ones Aylwin had for his’. you can imagine my surprise when the lady behind the counter passed me a big parcel wrapped in brown paper with bold letters typed and addressed to me. i turned and saw the sender to be … Raymond Boo. hehehe… then i recalled our little conversation over skype about me asking for the nice bookmarks that they handmade for fund raising.

i rushed back home excitedly to show Aylwin and i nicely opened the packaging; no … actually i tore it into half with a lot of force because, i wasn’t sure if it was the sender or the post-office, the whole package was taped up really tight!! and then awwww … when i saw what was inside. THANK YOU SO MUCH MR BOO AND FAMILY! at least i didn’t feel so left-out when i saw the Christmas party pics in FB – coz we have already receive your present! 😀 and btw, the herbal chicken was really nice!! bak kut teh we still have a few more packets with us that we brought when we came.

the latest one we got was another mail from Khai Chung and Mee Siing. we got a personal invitation to see him act on stage live for The Dream … yes, thank you so much (can you hear the sarcasm??). but really thank you so much; the bookmarks are out of this world! they’re really nice and very unique! they would be of good use for the newly bought Stephenie Meyer’s collection. right now even your envelope is of use as a bookmark.

Arielle says thank you!! (see pin on head)

Arielle says thank you!! (see pin on head)