Deserted on Christmas


it’s such a culture shock for us – to see everything closed and streets and highways totally deserted!! it was nearly like a ghost town! 

yesterday after the Christmas Eve service at church, Aylwin decided we should eat out – but thankfully the day before we stocked up on groceries coz, in the end after driving around, there was no place to go as EVERYTHING was closed. everyone was at home with their family having their ‘reunion’ dinner like us chinese during CNY’s eve. 

we really didn’t expect it to be like this coz we assumed that things would be more ‘happenin’ here since Christmas is such a big thing here. we thought there’d be street parties, fireworks and stuff like that, but… guess we were wrong. the celebrations in Malaysia is such a big contrast now to how Slovaks celebrate Christmas. it’s without a doubt a much much more quiet event here than back home and nothing like what we expected. it’s sort of a bit like an anti-climax for us… the talk and atmosphere were all built up for Christmas, and then when the time comes for the big bang – all of a sudden there’s … nothing; silence – no parties, no fireworks, no loud cheers/laughter in the streets, not even carol singers! 

confused a bit now; i honestly don’t know which i’d prefer – i was afraid that there might be loud fireworks at midnight that might rouse Arielle from her slumber; but what’s happening now was the furthest thing on my mind. i suppose in a way, it’s good not to have any distractions. that way we can really focus on the reason for Christmas in the first place – our Lord Jesus Christ’s birth, His life, His sacrifice on the Cross, His Gift of Eternal Life; and how these have impacted and changed the lives of those who have come to believe in Him.


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  1. hahaha….christmas is celebrate differently in different country and in places where there are more asian, christmas is always merrier…

    Christmas in western countries are more of family affair. dont expect shops to be open. however, the boxing day, the day after christmas, is a big events. its merrier and most people will come out to celebrate!

  2. Oh..the worldly ppl and their parties…tsk tsk tsk…LOL…

    Blessed (Belated) Christmas, RaRa. But then again, who says Christmas is on the 25th Dec..heh…

  3. christmas holiday is too long..kind of making me tired of it. Most People here (in the west) celebrate christmas mainly just becos of tradition…by having dinner with family member.The most shocking of all is getting drunk on chrismas eve, christmas day until January 2nd. The only day that they don’t get drunk is the boxing day. Being drunk from doing all the shopping. I just wonder how much money they spend on alcohol per person per year, putting in mind that each people need betwen half litre to one litre of alcoohol with 40% content to get drunk.
    Can be rich to start alcohol producing alcohol and start poisoning them with it..LOL.

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