Holiday plans


23-Mar Update: We’ll be back earlier than expected… no, not because I was fired, but company suddenly announced that our summer holiday has been advanced! Yay! So, we will be in Malaysia from 18-July to 7-Aug.


My boss just approved my summer holiday plans! Yeeeeaaaahhhhhaaaawwwww!!!

Ok, so we’ll be back in Malaysia from 25-July to 14-Aug, so a rough idea of our plans would be:

a. Lepak in Penang from maybe 5 days

b. Lepak in Kuching for maybe 4 days

c. Going to Singapore (visit my friend for who the life of me I cannot understand why he wants to leave such a good job in Amsterdam for Asia) or Cambodia (visit our godparents) for 4 to 5 days

d. Hang out in Kajang and catch up with EVERYONE!!

Will definitely keep this post updated. Especially when we’re in KL, we will need people to host us, cos we ain’t got no place to stay!!


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  1. since you are planning to go to Singapore, we may meet up in JB together with Chih Wei, Celina and See Kheong…=)

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