Arielle learning to eat on her own


her latest vocabulary (as of 16months):




pho-pho (grandma)

tu-tu (for kong kong; grandpa)

nen (when she wants something particular and points to it)

nen-nen (milk)

ngn-ngn (potty)

muah (kiss)

bai (bye and waves)

NO (and knows the meaning of it by shaking her head from side to side and with her little pointer finger pointing upwards)

mam-mam (food/eat)

cheng yeket (wear jacket)


shoos (shoe)


boh (ball)

book, dog, cat, duck, bear-bear, bird (when encouraged/shown)

… and other mumblings/utterances which are still under progress, more like ‘under comprehension’ from the parents.

she also understands some words which she doesn’t yet know how to say such as:

water; some more; last one; no more; oi-oi (sleep); pom-pom (fall down/bath time); what’s that?; where?; good girl; pretty girl; walk-walk; sit down; stand up; lie down; swimming; sayang; kiss-kiss; flying kiss; tan chi eh (wait); boh cheng khoh/snga (not wearing pants/clothes), lai (come), dirty, pray (she puts both hands together, close her eyes and starts to whisper)

she’s growing up real quickly now – these days she’s sooo cheeky. running around in the house so you chase her and answering the phone are one of her favs.  we’re looking forward to the trip home this July, then she can show you for herself all the things that she can do. by that time she would have an extra friend to see and hopefully to play with, baby josiah. 🙂 (we pray that everything goes well for you, leona)

can’t wait!!

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  1. Wow!! Arielle, clever girl!!! can understand so many things and speak so many words. I am really surprised and glad to know that. She is growing really fast, it has been only half a year. And I’m so proud of u, li-ann. I know it’s not easy for u over there. But see, God has blessed u and Ayl abundantly, esp this cutie pie. I really cant wait to see u all in july.

  2. Oh my gosh, i watch the video clip over n over again. i laugh n laugh. Arielle is so cheeky and cute. she knows what is right n what is wrong. She actually looks at u before she wants to do someting ‘wrong’. hahaha, so cheeky!! and i like the way u tie her hair and the way she laughs, soooo cute!!

  3. awwwsssss… mee siing, you’re such a big fan!! think you’re her biggest fan next to her pho-pho, and kong-kong, and mommy and daddy and… etc. ahhaha…

    we will be sure to meet up!! thanks for keeping in touch.

  4. she is so good at putting food into her mouth!
    question: why does every mom refer to food as mum mum and poo as ng ng?

  5. peich: didn’t your mom teach you the same stuff when you were little? it varies with different language. over here, they say nam-nam for food.

    serene: yes, from ikea. 🙂

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