Talking to Strangers


long time ago when we were still students studying english in schools, i remember some of the conversations considered proper to use with strangers would be on the weather. back then i’ve always been confused why people would start a conversation about the weather. i mean… what is there to say?

let’s take for example; you’re sitting in a bus stop and waiting for your bus to come and then you see this person sitting next to you and you thought hey, why not say something. oh, ok, let’s talk about the weather:


very hot-ah today.

ya man, super hot la! some more no wind.


er… how awkward is that. what else is there to talk about the Malaysian weather?? LOLz! it’s either rainy, hot, hotter or super hot!! (no, the word ‘warm’ does not suffice)

oh but if a person were to be here (yes, Europe or UK), then talking about the weather makes more sense, coz almost everyday the weather changes. yesterday was a sunny nice day; today is cloudy and supposedly rainy. last week it snowed!!

another thing: do you check the weather forecast everyday in Malaysia? oh, more like, is it even accurate? the only people whom i know who checks weather forecasts everyday are pilots.

even if it’s raining here in Slovakia, it doesn’t pour like back home. the raindrops are light, and you don’t need a big umbrella for shelter coz you don’t get drenched from head to toe. this also explains why they don’t have umbrellas like ours (big sturdy golf umbrellas).

ok, i’m digressing. the point was about the ‘topic of conversation’ we were taught to use when talking to strangers. then again, with so many crazy people around now, we might think twice now to start talking to strangers.

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