25 Random Things about Me


i wrote this in Facebook… tot it’d be nice to put it here as well.

1. this is my first winter; seeing snow for the first time in my life. it’s beautiful and i love it, but i’d prefer staying out of it.

2. i was not prepared for motherhood – at all!

3. i’m a sentimental person – i keep all letters, postcards, greeting cards, things & etc that people send me through snail mail with the envelope & stamp intact. my first snail mail was from my penpal in Canada when i was 12yo – it’s nice to go through the whole collection sometimes.

4. i eat and eat but i still don’t gain; i’ve shed all my fat from being preggie. what’s left is the loose skin around my tummy :P~

5. my grandpa used to say ‘chi lu liao bee’ – it’s a waste of rice feeding me; coz i HAD a bottomless pit for a stomach and i never gain weight.

6. i love my baby to bits and pieces (coz she’s the most precious and beautiful thing EVER!!) but sometimes she drives me completely insane!!!

7. one of my secret desire is to be a humanitarian, not so much a missionary because the latter requires so much more.

8. sometimes i get too emotional – getting angry too fast, crying over a novel/movie, very impatient when i’m hungry.

9. an old friend’s motto back when she told me in 1997: ‘the best proof of love is trust’ … i still remember it till today; and i’ve come to believe it’s true.

10. the first time i actually hugged my whole family was on my wedding day itself at church, right after the ceremony. the only person in my family i’ve ever hugged then was only my mom when we meet up.

11. i thank God i have a wonderful Mother-In-Law!

12. i found i love cooking for people. it’s so rewarding… when the dishes are what they’re meant to be. hahaha…

13. i love penang, my beloved hometown. i miss it a lot esp the food and the beach.

14. i like everything to be CLEAN, as clean as possible. from the floor, to the bathroom (esp the sink!), to the bed, fingernails … etc. and my husband and baby must follow suit!

15. rice is rice. chicken is chicken. they shall not come into contact with each other when on the same plate. same goes to the veggies!

16. though there are so many varieties of bread to choose from here, i miss Gardenia bread!

17. once i start on a movie/drama, no matter how bad the show might be, i’ll have to finish watching it. or else, i’ll be obsessed with how it would’ve ended.

18. my 1st car is a 4-Door Honda Civic Hatchback; that dies off most of the time when i stop at a junction, and that has it’s meter in Miles/hr instead of KM/hr :D!

19. i don’t have any feelings for football (soccer), but i love playing foosball, i used to kick-butt with it!

20. i picked up mandarin in UKM; thanks to my Kom B (dorm) mates who believe that all chinese must speak mandarin.

21. i’m a sucker for Romantic Comedies – Hollywood and Korean specifically.

22. when i cry, even if it’s just a tiny bit – my eyes & nose turn red & swollen real quick. if i cry overnight, i end up looking like a goldfish the next morning.

23. i was such a big tomboy my bro once called me a butch and some girls in school had a crush on me.

24. ‘goodbyes’ are always difficult for me.

25. i love to give more than to receive; because it’s true; it’s much more fulfilling to give. but currently i don’t earn a cent, so … (shrugs). free hugs anyone?


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  1. “22. when i cry, even if it’s just a tiny bit – my eyes & nose turn red & swollen real quick. if i cry overnight, i end up looking like a goldfish the next morning.”

    sounds exactly like me. it makes me so mad because my sister cry for hours non-stop and if you see her 5 minutes after she’s done you wouldn’t know she had cried from just looking at her.

    me on the other hand, i can even just barely cry for just a couple of minutes and you can tell it by looking at me an hour later because of the way my eyes and nose turn red and stuff.

    today’s a little different though. you can tell i’m crying today by the mascara and makeup streaks running down my face 😦


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