is the word I’d used to describe the lady waiting for her turn at the T-Mobile counter (I was there to pay the phone bill last Saturday). What I saw that day was what you could call the hell of customer service. 

Imagine, tonnes of people outside the shop standing, inside the shop sitting, waiting for thier turns. I can’t put my finger onto it, but it seems the number you take from the dispensing machine is like a Russian roulette; you REALLY have no idea when your number will turn up. Mind you, it’s not like the reception area was full of people. Far from it, some of them actually had nothing to do but to click on the mouse and let the numbers roll. 

You can hear the crowds grumbling, and this particular lady decided that she had enough and promptly gave the front-liners a piece of her mind. And all they could muster was a pathetic “I’m sorry, but it’s the system…” excuse over and over again. I myself had to wait for 40 minutes to complete a 30 second transaction. I’d rather not think what would’ve  happened if some pissed-off-mafia-dude-with-a-gun was there the other day to pay his bills. 

I spoke about what happened to my colleague, and he told me that it’s typical Slovak. But I beg to differ; I’d rather think that communism has been so deeply ingrained in their culture that for them, it’s like “The state don’t need you, you need the state” kind of mentality. In this case, it’s “T-Mobile don’t need you, you need T-Mobile”. 

I mean, come on la, is it so difficult to have specific counters for payments, another for sales and another for inquiries / customer service? A bit of no brainer right? Rather than to have all your paying customers leaving the shop with such horrible impression of lousy management and the feeling of being cheated when they first signed-up?

All who are / were victim of T-Mobile Slovakia horrendous customer service, holler if you hear me!

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