Snow STORM – GAH!!!


wohhhh… i’m an alien, i’m a legal alien. i’m an englishman in New York.

as i listened to Sting and awaited the green light, the street lights/traffic lights above and around me swayed a little under the pressure of the strong gusts of wind. in front of me, beyond my windshield, the snow practically went horizontal as it falls continuously from the sky. it’s so crazy!! and only yesterday, the temperature was 18*C; and ayl and i had a nice stroll at the park. 

i had to take the car out for grocery shopping, nothing left at home. i thought i could wait out for the rain & wind to stop first, but then just when i thought it was better, the rain turned to snow! oh boy! what happens when it snows hard is that the car is all covered and we’ll need to either scrape or brush off the snow. since it’d just fallen, i had to brush it off the windows in order to drive. good thing i wasn’t blown away by the wind; the snow was blowing right into my face and it stung… like small little pebbles thrown at you. then you get inside, and the windows are all misty; can hardly see.

no.. thank God i didn’t crash the company car, it was just a slight nudge to the gate when i was reversing… that’s all. blame it on the cars here; they don’t have reverse lights for reversing (well, maybe they do but it’s NOT BRIGHT ENOUGH) and they don’t have that annoying sensor to tell you that you’re way too near (i’ve come to appreciate that a lot now). plus, the car’s like a tank considering the car i used to drive around in Kajang. oh and one more vital point, it’s a left-hand drive here. it’s a total mistake to be driving out in this insane weather! 

the season is changing though. it’s not as cold as it used to be, these days it doesn’t get lower than zero degrees anymore. what a relief! after next week will be Spring Break for a week. so before i forget how my first winter is, i’d like to make some records. ha… 🙂


God’s wonderful creation; everything white and beautiful; romantic when seen from inside a warm cozy place; reminds me of korean love-dramas; freezing cold; slippery; iced ground; dangerous; misty windows; road accidents; Christmas; Christmas market; radiator at home and in the car; boots (we actually miss wearing slippers, and to think i got so excited to wear boots); wool clothes and socks; jackets, hats, scarfs, gloves, thermal underwear; layers and layers of clothes just to go out; missing my shorts and mini skirts; boring essential turtlenecks; being stuck indoors; when we reach a certain destination and it’s too warm for winter jackets and we had to peel them off and lug those bulky things around everywhere we go; winter activities like ice-skating, skiing/sleighing; hot thermal pool; jacuzzi; warm water from tap for all kinds of washing – what an essential!!; cold feet; nice and thick duvet; waking up in the morning and prefering to stay in bed coz it’s the warmest place in the house; ‘white breath’ when you exhale which also reminds me of korean dramas when they talk; frozen red noses; the sound of ice/snow being scrapped from ground; snowmans;  hanging up the laundry and freezing my fingers; indoors-only ice-cream; strong winds; my self-praised great driving skill suddenly turn rotten; staying indoors for long long boring hours; hot wine/hot choc; nice to have noodles with hot & spicy soup and last but not least, i now understand why the angmohs love the sun so much!!


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