Love Reading?


don’t know why i didn’t mention this before; guess i haven’t been buying books from there until lately. 

my parents love reading, and i can remember my mom bringing me to Chowrasta Market at Penang Road (they don’t only have local food goodies there), upstairs where the second-hand book dealers were while my dad just ‘borrows’ from Rasa Sayang Resort’s library, used to anyway. so we never really buy new books.

this place called Next Apache ( – don’t know why the link doesn’t work) buys and sells second-hand English books; they have nearly everything, they even have text books for lessons. it’s a nice, warm and really cozy place for some ‘me-time’ or if you’d like a quiet place to chat over coffee – this is the place for you, and the staff speaks English so no worries about not being able to comprehend Slovak. 

this is also the place where we go for coffee fellowship after Sunday church services, and they have a nice garden terrace outside for seating as well. it’s just that due to winter, the place is too small to occupy all of us inside, so we’ve moved to a new place temporarily.

here are some pics i took when i was there last Saturday; just the inside though, they also have a level upstairs for more books.   

the many book shelves

the many book shelves

more shelves

more shelves, toilet on the left & pc on the right. i think they also offer internet services


sofa/seating area surrounded by books

sofa/seating area surrounded by books

bar - more seating areas opposite it

bar - more seating areas opposite it

the only bad thing about this place (and maybe the whole of Slovakia) is that there is no law to ban smokers from smoking indoors or in public places.  ppl smoke everywhere and especially at coffee places inside the malls, the smoke is thick and if you were to be there long enough, you’d come out smelling like a smoker yourself – hair, clothes and all. 

*Next Apache: Mon – Fri (9.00 – 22.00); Sat – Sun (10.00 – 22.00); Panenska 28. If you’re standing facing the Presidential Pallace, it’s to your left.*


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  1. smoking indoors?!?! thats bad. i thought it only happens in those cina restaurants in malaysia. what sucks even more is that u have to suck in those 2nd hand smoke, yucks

  2. at least in msia, the cina restaurants have ventilation & smoking and non-smoking zone. here, it doesn’t make a difference! ahahaha… bad bad bad.

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