Fairy Tale


At this point in time, I’m probably living the ‘dream’ of most Malaysians; experiencing snow. We grew up thinking that it must be the best time of the season in the world, having snowfights, sitting by the fireplace having hot beverages, waking up to be greeted by presents (think Christmas), skiing, snowboarding etc… The tellie does well in burning all these beautiful images into our minds.

Well, without intention of bursting your bubble, it was a nice feeling when I, from our apartment,  first saw the snow drifting down  to the walkway. Such sense of peace and calmness flooded me when I beheld the sight. Li-Ann was gleeful, like a child getting her christmas present, looking out the window every now and then just to make sure that the dream was really a reality. 

Reality bites. After 3 months of sub-zero temperatures, icy and slippery roads, it is, after all, a fairy tale. I feel what every European feels now; WE WANT THE SUN!!!!! Personally, I am really tired of wearing layers and layers of clothes before going; for goodness sake, I’ve never missed my slippers so much before in my life. I now share the sentiments of the people here, the longing for spring, for greens, for bright sunshine, to have walks in the park, walking lazily, looking at the architectures, having ice cream or sitting by the walkway sipping coffee; generally doing nothing significant, just enjoying the warmer side of mother nature. 



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  1. not to mention that i was the one who had to get out of the car into knee-high snow to scrape/shovel off some of the iced-snow so that you can park the car in the lot! aaaaannnndd, not to mention also that while you were revving and revving, the tyres spat out snow all over me…….. :P~~~ OH SNOW! glorious to see but not to be in it!

  2. well, snow isn’t entirely bad, has its good points as well. you’ll enjoy it for the first few weeks. And Christmas is really amazing when it’s snowing; adds to the atmosphere. Malaysian heat is ok, it’s the humidity that spoils it all. Summer here is really fantastic, because of low humidity.

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