Co to je?


i am so proud of myself!

on tuesday, Arielle and I went the nearby grocery store to get some veg for the week. because it’s a self-serving store, i had to weigh & print the price tag on the stuff that i’m getting. the thing is, i’ve memorized some of the things i’m used to buying like garlic or capsicum, and for some, the codes are clear for what items i’m getting. but i was getting some carrots, and i didn’t know which were the codes coz i don’t read Slovak!, so i was kinda stuck in a position there.

arielle was getting annoyed having forced to sit for so long on her pram, so i had to act quick before she starts; so i had no choice. i turned to the lady nearest to me (who didn’t look friendly) and asked her;

Prepacte. Co to je? (excuse me. what is this?)

and then suddenly she smiled warmly and tried her best to help. i was so glad that she turned out to be a nice lady, was really quite intimidated and nervous speaking Slovak for the first time.

Mrkva, she said.

And just to confirm the code, i said the numbers in Slovak and she said yes. YES!! i can converse in Slovak and with numbers too!!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… what an accomplishment. *pats meself on me back*

eh, don’t laugh la, i know you think i’d have learnt something so easy earlier but guess i was just too caught up being nervous and intimidated with the people to use it – plus Slovak’s not easy ok. but this is a good starting point for me to use the language more.

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