i thought this song is superb. ‘The God I Know’ – City Harvest Church; like it a lot! 

honestly, i really really miss the worship we have back in KAOG. there were live music, and we could clap or dance or lift our hands whenever we wish – a far cry from where i used to attend church in Penang (Burmah Road Gospel Hall). i wonder how or when i’ve become so ‘charismati-zed’. 

attending church here brings me back to the days at church in Penang; it reminds me of how i could worship without loud music, without the ‘essential’ instruments, without having to clap even. because worship also comes in a form of reverance – i don’t always need to lift my hands to show how much i want to praise God, it’s the heart that matters most. the thing is, i got so used to having those ‘environment’ for worship in KAOG that i’ve become somewhat lost in service here in a Lutheran church. 

then i start asking myself:

why has music become such an important part of worship for me? am i able to worship just the same without it? if not, why? 

‘Heart of Worship’ by Matt Redman speaks volumes about this. i really need to re-consider and check myself.


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