Snow stopped, but now the Rain pulak


the temp’s gone up higher the past few weeks but still below 10*C; nevertheless, thank God!! finally no more snow – didn’t know that there’ll come a day when i’ll actually say this. it’s really so much of a hassle just walking and driving in it. so much for all the fantasies i had with snow before actually living in it. 

the official date for Spring is Mar 20th, which is just 2 days away now. we see more of the Sun nowadays, but it rains most of the days and unexpectedly. one min the sun is shining brightly, the other min it’s drizzling and then the strong winds come. no joke with strong winds here, can blow a kancil away man. 

anyway, i feel as if there’s some kind of expectation in the air and all around. it’s like all of a sudden, stores have nicer & colourful dresses up on ‘new arrival’, bikinis are back on the shelves, there’s green grass on the long stretches of farmland along the highway to Austria (i’m waiting for flowers!!), kids are playing outside, when i wake up i’m greeted by the sun (even at 6am, it’s already bright), and my mood is lighter everyday – must be the sun; or prolly the change of the season from a depressingly long and freezing winter to my fav season of all – SPRING! 

oh btw, have i mentioned that i FINALLY got my visa last thursday? well, it only just took us half a year! and i was only illegal until last thursday! 😛 so, now we can finally look to shift – we’re looking for a cheaper one, and one that is nearer to town so i don’t have to take the bus. 

here’s a latest video of Arielle, one of my fav! she’s growing up so fast! 


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  1. wah lao eh!! copy oso copy the memalukan part. LOL! n wat was aylwin browsing at while arielle was playing the imaginary drums? so steady n no emotion wan.

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