Recent happenings


Our Just In Time Manager (purchasing dept), Mr Morikawa left for Japan after serving in SONY Nitra for 2 1/2 years. Was a sad day for that dept; a couple of staffs cried during his departure. He was a very friendly person; when I was first posted here, he took the time to explain some of the interestings things to do / visit in Central Europe. I hope our paths will cross again someday. 


Mr Morikawa and me

Mr Morikawa and me

We had a farewell dinner for him at the expat’s favorite Chinese restaurant in Bratislava, The Jasmine. There, my boss became Arielle’s baby sitter for the night. 


Mr Shimoda and Arielle

Mr Shimoda and Arielle

Arielle is an absolute social butterfly; she’ll strike up a conversation with anyone (in her own words la).  Definitely has a bright future in the PR world. 

And here’s a random pix of Arielle sampling the shoes around the apartment. Here, she’s wearing my kok-kok shoes.


Steady leh?

Steady leh?


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