Obviously I’m Invisible!


just got back from the store with some groceries, mainly i went to buy bananas coz i want to try to make banana bread and i had another encounter with the locals. don’t know why generally i have negative things to report, and i’m usually a tolerant person who has nice thoughts of people. 

when queueing up to pay at the cashier, here comes a man and a woman (they’re together) who suddenly out of nowhere stood in front of me. i was a bit confused coz i thought ‘hey, i’m also in the line, isn’t it obvious?’ but then they didn’t seem to notice me at all; guess i’m JUST A STICK! – oh, but Arielle is a person sitting on her pram, coz they acknowledged her and they made baby talk to her. 

because our line was slow, the couple decided to move to the other line. and then i tried to align the pram and station my body to show to all that i’m in the line (i know, it’s so stupid. how obvious can it be) and also to ensure that no one squeezes through. but with just a turn of the head, the front guy moved further to the front just an inch and then suddenly those two were back and they squeezed through to stand in front of me again. the thing that ticked me off is they treated me as if i was not there at all!! instead, they asked the guy in front of me, and not me, if they could cut the line. i don’t care if you needed to go first, if you’re in a hurry, please… but at least look me in the eye and smile. that’s the least they could do even if you can’t speak my language or think that i’m brainless. and then they turned back and looked at Arielle and again make baby talk to her. at that point, i was so pissed, i didn’t even look at them. 

throughout the 5mins walk back, i kept going through my head the scene that just went through. part of my head said to the couple ‘God bless you man’ but in my heart and most of my head thought of multiple things that i could have done/said:

1. i could have grumbled in Chinese since i assume they think that i’m unable to understand Slovak/English. coz i’m just a housewife and i’m Asian: ‘si lang ah moh kui, boh ah-kai eh. khi chiak sai lah!’

2. declare audibly in English: ‘OH! either you guys are blind or i’m just a freakin’ stick!!’ but even then, i don’t think they’d understand coz they seem uneducated to me. ooops! did i just think that out loud?

3. confront them and say ‘Prepacte’ (excuse me in slovak) and give them a question mark look that says ‘hello!! i was here first’

4. purposely knock them with Arielle’s pram and ignore them; whahahahakakaka! funny! 

*takes a deep deep breath and exhales loudly* 


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  1. hahaha, I understand your ‘geram-ness’ but i cant help laughing out when i was reading your post. Coz I can imagine your facial expression and gesture. My goodness!!
    But again, I agree with you that those ppl are really terrible. I always have that encounters, especially with old aunties, ‘pretending’ that they are ‘nyanyuk’. A lot of times with inconsiderate drivers too. I have to step really hard on the brake to avoid accident.geramnya!!

  2. li ann i feel for u!! when I was in Dakar last week, we were like the only 5 Asians in the town, and getting pass customs was problematic, leaving the country also was a problem, they just stop us and let the white ppl pass, and ask us ridiculous questions and say we don’t have a visa to enter the country (best part is we don’t need one, and when we got questioned we already got pass customs). And then, when our boss (a white guy) came to see whats the problem, he just let us pass. What the….!?!??!?!

  3. hahahaa!!!! i like the no.1thought!! ’si lang ah moh kui, boh ah-kai eh. khi chiak sai lah!’ LOL!!!

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