I will always remember this day, at around seven pm, where I was jumping up and down, dancing with Arielle, chanting ‘HERO’ and ‘MANCHESTER’ again and again… why? Well, you see, Man U had a seemingly unbreakable winning streak in all leagues, until we lost to Liverpool (that really hurt) and Fulham (what the…) last month. That really had everyone asking if this team had the means to and win it all.
Yesterday, they provided the perfect answer to all critics; YES WE DO!
With less than 4 minutes before the final whistle, we were staring at a draw, which probably won’t mean much, except put a very heavy dent to the players’ confidence. But at that fateful 92nd minute, this relatively obscure kid with the name Kiko Macheda popped up and scored the ^&£$^%”£% winner!!!!! This elation will be remembered for a long, long time… GO YOU REDS! BELIEVE!

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  1. esctasy, esctasy… i watched the replay of that goal over and over after that. it not the goal itself that matters per se, but the importance of it during this period of the title, what a massive lift for us. And a shout out to Ronaldo who scored the equaliser; that spurred the team on to win the game.

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