Spring Cleaning



i now fully understand the term ‘Spring Cleaning’. it was always known to me only as the time before our family celebrates CNY (Chinese New Year) that we would clean the whole house and get rid of broken or unwanted things; every year around that time of the year. why the ‘spring’ before the ‘cleaning’ – i never knew.

i’ve come to loathe that word ‘spring cleaning’ because there was always so much to clean, the season was super hot especially at that time of year, and to make things worse, my nose is super-sensitive to dust. i got into sneezing frenzies and i sweat buckets! 

back then in our old house, we didn’t have closed kitchen cabinets, only open shelves and things would be stacked high up near the ceiling. my grandmother had kept and kept and kept those ‘nice and expensive’ pots and pans in plastic bags and had rarely taken them down to use because they were ‘precious’, only to be used for some special occasion that never came; and they would collect dust for the whole year till we clean it during ‘spring cleaning’ before CNY. oh the tediousness!! and did i mention no use of vacuum cleaners and the luxury of having an air-con too! 

being here in a 4-season country, i’m getting the meaning why it’s called SPRING cleaning. i found out that living in snow is a hassle, but i just got to find out that it can also be costly in terms of premise/road maintenance. after all the snow had melted, we saw potholes EVERYWHERE on the roads. it sure wasn’t there before winter when we got here, and it’s not only where the busses or trucks frequent. it’s a good thing the council here took quick action on those potholes, they were getting bigger and bigger by the day, so unlike in Kajang. :P! 

on our balcony, the tiles where the snow had stayed the longest is chipping. now that it’s warmer i can go outside, so i cleaned the windows and the balconies (we got 3 balconies, 2 more to be done; phew!) and there was so much dirt! the pail of water turned ‘brak-brak’ even before i was halfway though. plus, the whole apartment outside is mostly painted in white!! A.GO.NY!

from the playground downstairs, i observed some units having renovation work, people shifting and cleaning houses, waste paper baskets are installed around the park area, pots with flowers are put on the balconies (should have one of those but scared later all die under my hands!)… etc. 


BEFORE; one month ago

BEFORE; nearly more than one month ago



chipped tiles

AFTER; chipped tiles, wonder how much it would be it maintain this; not that we're paying for it though


little helper

little helper


finally i can show off my hot legs

'finally i can show off my hot legs'

now that things are cleaned, there’s a sense of fulfillment and a kind of peace. the home is clean again, and this little girl can run free and easy.


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  1. hehe … my son oso like to do this turn around,, after this he become a drunker jalan senget… like arielle.. very cute wan

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