Just plain picky?


for this past one week, i’ve been trying my hardest to give Arielle solid food other than just milk; but she just refuses to take any. she was eating fine previously with anything and everything i give her, but now she just won’t take anything. and naturally, i’m kinda concerned. 

every morning, i’d cook something esp for her for breakfast and lunch, while at night, she’d eat with us. i’d put her on her high chair for every meal, with spoonfeeding for morning and lunch while i let her eat on her own at dinnertime. started letting her practise eating on her own since she was 9months old and now, she’s fairly good at it, although i still need to clean up a lot after. that’s cos when she’s had enough, she starts to play with her food. bleh~

plain rice and pasta used to be her favourite (other than the stuff we adults eat which she would always take from our plate), but even now when i give it to her, she’ll either won’t open her mouth, turns her head away or if i did manage to stuff some in, she’d spew it out. she’ll repeatedly say ‘NO’ to me or ‘Mai’ (in hokkien), shakes her head to get her message across – yes dear, i get you loud and clear! i’m guessing she’s starting to get picky over the food i give her coz she only takes junk food nowadays. things like McD’s hashbrown, fries, ice-cream, maggee mee (the stuff her daddy gives her!! oh!!) and a local salty snack in stick form. then, i’m also thinking, is she getting so picky because she’s been exposed to so much great tasting junk?? could be. 

so, what am i supposed to do? i can’t be giving her junk all the time, no nutrition at all! but i also don’t want to force her into eating the good stuff i give her coz i don’t want to make her meal times hell – i wouldn’t want that myself either. sighs~ frustration!

i did some research in the net and note that it is a common problem. some say to give baby more choices of food; multivitamins to supplement the lack of nutrition intake; give baby some time and not to worry cos the phase will pass; let baby carry her food around (eerrr..); etc. i’m increasing her milk intake since she’s ok with taking milk and i’ll try to give her more choices of healthy food to see which will suit her more. i’m considering giving her supplements also but i’m a bit skeptical of other brands besides Nutrilite, which i can’t seem to easily get here. 

still concerned though, if this condition persists i think it’s best to seek for medical advice.


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  1. my son oso like arielle… every time feed him a healthy foods he will say no n shake his head till wanna patah…. headache….. but no choice.. slowly slowly la… both of us ‘ ka yao’ ok..

  2. yes ‘ka yao’!! today i gave her cucumbers and she liked it a lot and also cashew nuts. ahaha…

  3. Lianne,
    Titus was the same. Don’t fret over it. Its a passing phase. Jangan layan lah. Just take away the food when she starts playing, even if it seems she’s eating so little (where do children get their extra energy from eh?).
    We don’t feed Titus much junk except on occasions, but he’s pretty reluctant to eat food we initially started giving when introducing solids – carrot, potatoes. Now he won’t touch those… just give alternatives.
    As long as she’s having her milk regularly, she’ll be okay.
    I can introduce you to a ‘food-based’ (non chemical) supplement we use to meet the daily vege requirements when you get back.

  4. My little princess is now 2 yrs old. I started giving solid food to my baby when she turned to 5 months. She used to bite the food by front teeth and swallow, it which is really dangerous as it can cause choking.Initially I used to smash the food before feeding her. Then baby feeders came into the market, which came along with a smash bag. Hope it helps other moms as well.

  5. whn u gv bb eat alot of nuts.. pls feed bb alot of water.. let water wash her mouth.. sometimes will stick in her teeth thr.. my son got ulser last 2 weeks becos of eat alot of almond nuts.. until inside body very hot… hehe very cham..

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