Dangerously Low!!


ah noooooooooo….!!!! my beloved ‘tai-iu’ (soy sauce); now reserved only for eggs.

sniff* sniff*

sniff* sniff*


1cm left

1cm left

anyone making a trip here before july from msia?


5 responses »

  1. for sushi, there is kikkoman.
    for everything else, there’s your good-old Malaysian white soy sauce…

  2. kikkoman got also, but the smell n taste is different la… i can’t use it to make tau-iu bak for sure, and nearly everything else that i use with tai-iu…weeeehhhhh!

  3. time to experiment with alternate-tasting tau-iu bak! how bout…cheesy omelet bak?

  4. aiyo well if you have something closest to it, its better than not having any rite? i.e. sugar & brown sugar … both also sweet boh.

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