Quick update


yea, i know i haven’t been writing anything much… but that’s just coz my PC’s fan gone nutz and when it overheats, it shuts down automatically. so now that Ayl has bought a small table fan, and it’s sole purpose is to keep the PC cool, i guess i can quickly type in some thing here.

we’re so looking forward to the trip home, that’s all we’re thinking about, that’s all we’ve been talking about. the buzz in church is also the same thing as we’ll have our current pastor leaving us (Pastor David Schick & wife who’s been here for 5 years now) and some church members leaving Brats either for new working contract or for summer vacation. our close friend Annette & family will be away for 5 weeks.

will update soon about the farewell party we had for our Pastor at the British Residence – the house of the British Ambassador, the loft is super big and super nice and also about our itenerary in Malaysia!!

as for now, we’ll need to go out for groceries :P~


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